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"Dam, this place just keeps on gettin better!" - Rebel Rider Magazine, Dec 2010      "This place ROCKED!" - Rider Now Magazine, Dec 2009        "This one is wild, and definately an old school biker party." - USA Biker Parties, 2006      " of the best and largest old school "adult" bike rallies in Florida... Roscoe's Chili Challenge is proof that God really does love bikers" - Biker Crap, 2008        " I said before, this is a BIKERS party" - Outlaw Bikers Magazine    "By Friday afternoon the place was filled to capacity!"   - Biker Magazine, Oct 2011

How was Roscoe's Chili Challenge for YOU?

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Had a blast will definitely be back next year just won't be working it!


This is by far the BEST biker event of the year!


Had a great time, met new people. The games were funny & entertaining, the chili was awesome. Looking forward to next year!


We had great time, met great people. My woman, Stacie and I want to thank all the people who voted for her to win the best body painting (Sugar skull)and a special thank you to Shannon the artist who made it all happen. See ya next year. Doug&Stacie

  John D. King

It has been several years since I was a Roscoe's. Last time I was there, there was a vendor from Tampa I think that would redo motorcycle seats. They were close to the entrance where all the fun was, it was a really nice and really big black guy. Anyone know who I am referring too? I am trying to locate him/them.

  B Hawkins

There are a lot places to go to see this ,that and the other, but when you can go to a place and you feel like your coming home it doesn't get any better than that, I can't say thank you big enough, I can't get there early enough or stay long enough and the friends I've met there, and the ones I'll meet in the future I look forward to that already, I just wish there was 2 or 3 shows. Fuck Daytona and Sturgis They only want your money, and I've been to both, they SUCK! I'll be back to Roscoe's till they stop, and I don't ever want to think of that, Thank you Roscoe, and all the great friends I've met and will meet, God bless you guys... see you soon

  John Cutlip

Last time I went to Roscoes was the 15th annual. My parents were vendors. I'm from Seattle Im wearing my Roscoes chili cook-off shirt. Spreading the love of Bikers. Miss this show amazing fun.

  Matthew Dunn

I was on stage!


Always a blast, every time we go. Can't wait for this year!

  Dani Mackie

I have been going to Roscoe's since 1995 & I am yet to find a more laid back, fun, hot time than at Roscoe's. If you don't have a fantastic time while there, you're dead.....


Love this event!! I have had the most fun!! My girl and I go every year and pick this over Biketoberfest!! Any time!! Don't need clothing, coffee, or any doughnuts !!


Best Biker Party in the world come one Come All I will see all of you there!!!!!

  Crystal Murphy (via Facebook)

had a blast the last four years and looking to do it again in 2014 may be cold, may be hot! been there for both extremes and loved it both ways! one of the best rallys we attend every year always friendly never boring and never over regulated !!! Keep up the good times Roscoe!! c ya every November!


i had the time of my life. great people. Its good to have a place where u can be yourself.


I had blast for the first timer to be going. I sure do believe I\'ll ther next year also. Thank you for the grand time.)

  Lisa King

We ride in from Virginia every year and so enjoy this event. I think this past one had the best weather ever. We were a little down not seeing Pogo this year? I hope the Major is doing well and nothing serious kept him away this year. Looking forward to next year see ya then! )

  Charles Moore

So this was my first roscoe expierence!! we camped 7.8.9 left on 10 .THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU ROSCOE N CREW !!! had the best time ever ! lost my voice first nite due to nightrain great band .took sooo many pics cant wait to see you guys post pics from this weekend .I will be there next year no longer a roscoe virgin !! went on stage and was very welcomed lol)


This was my husband's and my second year at Roscoes and again it was fantastic! I entered the chili chalenge and took home a trophy for my mild chili. I plan on continuing to perfect my chili so I can hopefully take Peoples Choice next year. Thank you for all the fun, and thank you for making my chili an award winner.

  Ina Stein

Lost Nikon 35 mm DSL Camera with all my pictures in bike parking area please if you found it .. Please email me (


1st time there was great loved all the mindless painted titties, got better each day. stayed in a hotel, next year staying at the event, till next yr.2014


We love this party and have come every year since we found out about it. We plan on bring a tent this year so move over.

  Mike and Sammy Fadley

WE Fantastic Had A fantastic Time. It Was Our First Time 2012. And Plan On Making Every Year From Now on.

  Deborah McMannis

Roscoes is the party of the year for me! It happens to fall on My birthday weekend every year so it gives Me an excuse to never miss it!! Always a blast! Always make new friends!


Had a great time last year, and cannot wait for this year. Its such a great event and the people are awesome.

  Gigi C

I finally attended the 2012 bash and I will now always plan my autumn trip to Fla. around the Challenge. Great time and next time I will bring some of my brothers.

  jerry b

The 2012 Roscoes Chili Challenge for going for the first time of my life was wonderful. I cant wait tell next year to go again. had allot of pictures taken, meet allot of wonderful people and getting my boobies painted and exposed in public for the first time was great.

  Rosalia A Williams

I just wanted to say it was my first time there, and it won't be my last! I had a great time!!

  Keri Lee

Roscoe, Ive been coming to this event for years and it gets better every time. Thanks for the hard work yall do to see that we have a great time. Meemaw was smiling down on us this year


Counting down the days til next years challenge!


Thx Rosco & Steve for having The Led Zeppelin tribute band Ramble On this year at your cook-off. We made alot of great friends and we hope like hell we are asked back again next - what a great time,great people, great weather and we are honored to have entertained this year.

  Thx Gary(Bozo Bohnam) Renshaw

This was the first time I went an now I will be coming for years to come . Loved this event. It was AMAZING ... I can't wait till next yr ... Hell yeah .... ;)

  Shannon Boatright

My husband and I made it for the first time this year and had a blast! Next year we WILL be back and I am gonna give everyone a run for their money in the Chili Challenge.

  Ina Stein

Just cant wait for the best damn biker party there is, this is better than anything in Daytona. Can I get a FUCK yeah?


Had a great time over the past few years. But if it is BYOB, Whiskey does not come in a can. WTF . Don’t you mean BYOC?


From Roscoe: True, RCC 2012 is a BYOB event, BUT you can always put your liquor in a PLASTIC container.


Went to the old out house natonials years ago but will be there this year from the other side of fla


Hoping to get into vending this year. Cant wait for the amazing time to come ...we've heard stories :)


Hello Roscoe, Hello David, I enjoyed reading your story about meemaw. Maybe I will make it to this years challenge. The years past are still never far from my thoughts..... Fondly, your friend, kellie.

  Kellie O'BRIEN

It's fucking the best! It"s my only time in the year to get away and it's a blast! I hope you keep coming up with more surprises, I'm goin every year, thanks bro! Great event, keep it up!

  Daniel Richard
I just made some chili, and began to think about Roscoe's 2011. Hank, your hot chili was the best yet, nice job to you and your helpers! It was spicy hot, but yet flavorful. I'm looking forward to Roscoe's 2012!
  Mikey C
(As a vendor) I did better than I ever thought I could do.  On the way out I stopped out front and tried to pay for next year because I knew I was coming back! I'd felt a lonlieness ever since loosing my parents and grandy;  for those 6 days I was at Roscoes' it felt like I was with family.   Thank you Roscoe for making my time there so awesome, and I truly am looking forward to comming back this year.         
  John Cutlip

This was my first Roscoe's..Holey Shit... I will never miss another one! Hot women, Cold Drinks, and likeminded in one place...Cant get better than this!!

To Roscoe and to all the people who did the work: event staff, cooking & vendors during Roscoe's 2011 event; myself and my friends were there on SAT we say THANK YOU. Next year we are coming back on bikes again, but we will bring a support pickup with us. Just to hold all the gear needed for all of us to stay the whole weekend. Thank you for making Roscoe's an adult only event. We enjoyed the Chili and hanging out with all the good people there. It was a good time and we are looking forward to RCC 2012.
  Gary K
The 26th Chili Challenge is in the books and it just keeps getting better! Roscoe & Crew thank you for the hard work you put into this event! Can't wait for the next one! Like some said they didnt want to leave and I agree! Bring on CHILI WEEK!!!
  HD Gene

Roscoe, First let me tell you I've been to many, many bike events over the years and your's ranks with the best, if not "THE BEST".  We had a blast!!!  Thanks for your hospitality! We flew down from Boston to attend your event with Lockdown & LadyHarley,(6 of us this time, more next year). Thanks Again for a GREAT time and see you next year!!
  Stu Wiley
From what I can remember, I had a wonderful time. From the pics I've seen of myself, I had one hell of a time!!
  Michelle Ezell
Thank You Roscoe for having us out to Rock-it, Awesome! The Boyz from Use Your Illusion.
  Use Your Illusion
Old School Party, The urban rallies are fun but Roscoe's Is out In the woods.
The whole thing Is a party, Not just another event.. 2010 was a blast I will be there this year.

2010 was my first year, my wife and I will not miss another one. been a biker for many years, this is a true party. Thanks guys !!

  Michael Kelly
I hear it's a hell of time. I'm gonna make it this year and I think I'll have a pretty girl body painted up by yours truly or two. I may even see if I can get former Playboy Bunny Kali Mass to come with painted up!  
  Dennis Panzik

Roscoes Chili Challenge should be the standard by which all biker parties are judged!
Best Party in Florida, maybe in the U.S.A. 
We're going, wouldn't miss it! It's an old school biker party. Bring in your booze and party all weekend. Everyone's friendly. No attitudes. Nudity abounds. Bike games, food, music, vendors galore. Oh yeah. Chili! LOL. See you there! We'll be camping!
Can't wait to head over!
By far one of the best all around biker parties there is. No cops, no tourist trap bullshit. Tits & Beer, Chili & Biker Shenanigans, kick ass bands and more. Always a great time! Get your ass down to Lakeland and see for yourself!
  HD Gene

It's almost that time of year again!! Can not wait!!!

My husband and I had a blast... We met alot of fun people. Too bad the real world isnt like this. See ya this year :)
Wouldn't miss it, allready checking flights from Boston, would like to ride the scoot down but have limited time off from work. This will be my 3rd and is on my calender for years to come!
Had a great time last year was my first time going. I plan on keep for years to come
  Dave Fussell
  Kimberly Scarpetta
Last year was kickass and i know this year will even be more kickass..
  Mandy Marsh Fields
Everyone of my staff fights over coming to the RCC…They all think Roscoe’s Chili Challenge is a do-not-miss event!!!
Thunder Roads FL Magaaine
July 24, 2011
Just keeps getting bigger and Better Every Year!
July 15, 2011
This is an awesome event been there a few times! Most of my West Coast Posse will be there as well!
  Doreen Califano
July 10, 2011
We've been going for the last 7 years... Hell, we plan our Novembers AROUND this party so we'll never miss it!
  Lockdown & LadyHarley

June 7, 2011
‎5th year in a row won't miss it......
  Felix Garcia Jrr
May 15, 2011
Well Hell Yeah I'm gonna be there! My 11th year in a row
  Becki Brant Taylor
May 18, 2011
I am looking forward to making Roscoe's an annual pilgrimage
  Doc Reichard
States MC
December, 2010
Had a Blast this Year. AND!!! Last Year!!!! Thanks for Hosting A great event... even friends that came down from N. AL said they couldnt wait to come back.
  Goodride  aka Scott
November 13, 2009

We rode the bikes down again this year from Virginia and once again y'all folks did not disappoint us. It was great and we look forward to next year. Out of all the events and rally's we have attended the flag presentation was by far the best one I have ever seen. Your staff did one heck of a fabulous job on this one!


Charles Moore

November 12, 2009


Wow, I had an awesome time!  I look forward to next year.

  Steve Brayman
November 9, 2009
Thanks Roscoe, had great time and will be back this year, 3rd for us!
June 20, 2007

We had a great time and plan to make this an annual event and have several others who really want to come with us next year.  Thanks for showing us such a wonderful time.  Very well organized and the best party all year.

  Beverly McNeil
November 7, 2006

Roscoe, what a party!!!  this was my fifth in six years and look forward to it every year, I have made great friends with your neighbors Len and Helen and the whole Kephart family, they are fantastic people and add so much to our Roscoe's weekend. Roscoe, you rock, big time, nothing but love bro.

November 7, 2006